NoAMP .link

Method 1/3 Do you hate AMP links with a passion? Next time you come across one on your PC or mobile just insert to the front of that link and we will send you the non-AMP version of that link.

Method 2/3 OR add the link below and click the button

Method 3/3 Get the Bookmarklet

Drag this button to your bookmark bar. When you are on an AMP page, click on that bookmark and it will take you to the non-AMP version.

It will work on all modern browsers, including mobile browsers. See the video for instructions on how to add it to mobile browsers.

Why is AMP bad?

Here are some articles that will explain it a lot better than I ever can Daring Fireball, Hacker News Discussion, EFF, Daniel Miessler, Barry Adams, CSS Tricks, Politico, from a recent lawsuit against AMP and many more.


Side Projects

This project was created by Saijo George, an SEO Consultant who runs the SEO division at Supple a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne, Australia. He dabbles in side projects for fame and fortune.

tldr Marketing

tldrMarketing gives you the latest breaking news and trends about SEO, paid media and social media without all the fluff. Get updates daily via the website or newsletter.


Find all the best free stock images, videos, templates and other resources in one place.

CSS Puns

Handpicked collection of CSS Puns and CSS Jokes, curated by Saijo George. Get them on T-shirt 👕 & Mugs ☕.


Start 🌅 or end 🌇 your days with some handpicked inspirational and motivational quotes 🏆. Get ready to take on anything.


Nominate Someone for the Best SEO Award 🥇 We did no research and can tell you who is the best SEO in the world, they even have a certificate to prove it.

Best SEO Tools

Curated links to various marketing websites, handpicked by me.


Handpicked collection of Web Design & UI Inspiration with Code Snippets.

Other Projects

Check out my other projects.

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